The Seoul50Plus Foundation joins you

The Seoul50Plus Foundation is established frst of its kind in Korea to support the 50+generation systematically plan for their future.


Approx. 2.19million people, 21.9% of Seoul's population (50-64 age group)
Sources : 2015 Seoul Statistics

53 years of age

Average age of retirement in Seoul

10 months

Length of time between retirement and subsequent re-employment

Why 50+?-

The 50+ is the largesr group of "young adults" with their new generational traits and needs.

Revolution of the
100-Year Life-

The humanity is facing the new elderly for the first time.
The 100-year life, homo hundred, and active seniors.

Future preparedness of
the Seoul Citizen-

The 50+ foundation supports the future of Seoul citizens.

The 50+generation (50-64 age group) is the largest group of "young adults" with new generational traits and needs. They are placed in the policy blind spot receiving little support, despite facing major life transition.

European countries and the United States entered the aging society before Korea. They have provided various support for the 50+generation. Now, the world is paying attention to the potential of the "50+."

The 100-year life, which has now become our reality, poses new challenges to our society. The journey to our increased life expectancy demands for new perceptions and changes in perspecitves. The Seoul50Plus Foundation supports the 50+generation in search for a new life paths and address challenges ahead. The foundation hopes to cause a small wave of change that promises on bringing a better furture.

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Our Mission & Vision Supporting succeessful life-planning

The Seoul50Plus Foundation is established frst of its kind in Korea to support the 50+generation systematically plan for their future.


Creating a new life vision for Seoul’s 50+generation

  • The 50+generation is our society’s new opportunity and an important social capital, not a issue or problem. Set up to address the challenges of an ageing society, the 50+foundation hopes to presenta new image of the elderly to the society thattranscends all generations.

  • Shift in perception - A new image of the elderly


    Improvement of the quality of life - Balanced life redesign


    Participation and sharing - Social participation and sharing experiences

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Our Focus Area Designing the next stretch of 40-50 years in the 100-year life

The Seoul50Plus Foundation supports planning life after 50 by considering life experiences and passion of the 50+generation. We envisage a viable future by shifting perceptions and the way of life; pursuing a desriable work-life balance; and through new networks and experiences.

Focus Area-

Learning & Exploration

We ofer various education programs for 50+generation to refect their lives and change their perceptions and actions for the future.

Culture & Infrastructure

We support various activities to build a new 50+culture, and create a space where the 50+generation can interact with their peers and plan for their new daily lives.

Work & Participation

We create jobs for the 50+generation and encourage encore careers that combine continued income, greater personal meaning, and social impact through trainings and community activities.

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Implementation System Delivering 50+policies to create a new life vision

50+policies are delivered through a three-tiered implementation system, i.e. 50+foundation/campus/center. We assist Seoul citizens to systematically prepare for life after 50 through policy development, dissemination and implemention, which meet the real-life needs of the people.

creating a new life vision for the 50+generation in the 100-year life
A think-tank

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think-tank image

  • 50+Foundation
    A control tower of 50+policies
    • The 50+foundation is the main force behind the 50+policy initiatives, 50+project management and 50+campus/center operations.
    • The 50+foundation develops and disseminates 50+policies to expand infrastructure, mobilize resources and develop customized 50+job models.
  • 50+Campus
    A platform for 50+life transitions
    • The 50+campus is a post-school for the 50+generation preparing for new life transitions.
    • It is a comprehensive support center that systematically ofers education programs and employment opportunities for 50+generation. It is also a complex cultural space to create a new adult culture.
  • 50+Center
    An activity space and a guide for local 50+
    • The 50+center, a local activity hub for 50+generation, is operated by an autonomous district to promote interactions amongst 50+.
    • The center fosters a local community where 50+generation live active and meaningful by providing social participation programs.

What We Do

1. We develop 50+policies.

With the most up-to-date information and expertise, we endeavour to develop practical 50+ policies and share best practices through research, publication, counselling and education programs.

We develop 50+policies

We develop 50+policies

2. We provide a platform for national and international stakeholders.

The 50+foundation is uniquely positioned for the 50+generation to actualize opportunities for social participation and volunteering. We also create synergetic relationship with national and international partners to share 50+experiences and knowledges.

We provide a platform for national and international stakeholders

We provide a platform for national and international stakeholders

3. We create a new 50+culture.

The 50+foundation drives various social campaigns to raise positive awareness and build social consensus for supporting the 50+generation.

We create a new 50+culture

We create a new 50+culture

4. We create interfaces with citizens.

The 50+foundation will operate six 50+campuses including the current Western and Central 50+Campuses across Seoul by 2019. With our support for 50+centers, Seoul citizens can enjoy 50+policy services in any area.

We create interfaces with citizens

We create interfaces with citizens


By 2020, there will be six 50+campuses and nineteen 50+centers across Seoul. Seoul citizens will have easy access to 50+policy services.

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map image